UIG2018 - Jonna Iljin, M.A. (Gofore Germany GmbH): If you want to succeed in “Industry 4.0”, forget the data (for a moment)

Jonna Iljin explain the relevance of UX for Industry 4.0 in three steps:
- Building bridges: how to link strategy and solutions through Service Design
- Why user engagement is a key to product success
- Myth busting for UX & Digitalization

1. Building bridges: how to link strategy and solutions through Service Design
“UX” in industrial environment is too often been diminished into usability, pretty prototypes or usability related industry standards. The actual customer and end-user needs are often being researched within separate strategic planning units outside the development teams, and these two - strategic product planning and service UX design - seldom meet in practise. This is a major challenge in many industrial companies, but luckily there’s a solution also: a domain called “Service Design”. Service Design is the bridge between the two (strategic product planning and UX), and it has heavily invaded other sectors like consumer services, media and finance – and now it’s about time to bring it to Industry 4.0, also.


- Clarifying the domains of Customer insight, Service Design and UX: what are the expertises needed, and how they should be orchestrated in Industry 4.0

2. Why user engagement is a key to product success
On UX field, fulfilling plain usability norms and functional requirements doesn’t lead to successful product. The product or service to be truly customer centric, the clients and end-users need to be engaged in the development process from the beginning. How this can be done, and what it requires from the development process, company culture and tools? (Case and tool examples included)


- How to utilise user research efficiently and enrich the development process
- How to adapt user testing in the continuous development successfully

3. Myth busting for UX & Digitalization
- “Research is expensive”
- “Testing is away from something more useful/important”
- “Prototyping and piloting as much as possible with all possible ideas, brings ultimate success”
- “Service development is expensive”
- “It’s easier to sell hardware than software”
- “Putting up a specific ‘digitalization unit’ will ensure we stay in the business in future also”


- Correcting these common misbeliefs, and explaining where they are rooting from


About Jonna Iljin
Jonna Iljin possesses 20 years of expertise in Digital Services Development and Service Design. Her background covers multiple roles in the field of digital media and transformation - designer, team lead, business lead, strategic consultant. She's a passionate and ambitious professional whose bar is high, being it the solution user experience, design details or business goals. Jonna has been digitalising businesses on various industries like manufacturing, mobility, media, education and telecom, as well as establishing new digital services and products on b2b and b2c sectors. She is based in Munich and works as a Gofore Germany design team lead.
See the full CV at LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jonnailjin/

About Gofore
Gofore is a Nordic software development and design house of 400+ experts, specializing in manufacturing and Industry 4.0 sectors, among others.

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