UIG2018 - Workshop I: Gamify your Work - Workshop about behavioral drivers, game mechanics and Industry 4.0 opportunities

Facilitator: Christopher Klose, M.Sc. in Human Factors Engineering (Gofore Germany)

Gamify your Work - Workshop about behavioral drivers, game mechanics and Industry 4.0
- What does gamification mean
- How to utilize game mechanics in an industrial environment
- Which effect can gamification have on an production environment

GAME ON – These days game mechanics such as PBL (Points, Badges and Leader boards) are becoming more ubiquitous in contexts other than just gaming. But Gamification is much more than only PBL. In this workshop, we will describe different behavioral drivers and game mechanics and discuss the influence these can have. Using PLEX (playful experience) Cards we will analyze how to make use of game mechanics into different Industry 4.0 context situations.

Over 2 billion people worldwide frequently immerse themselves into the depth of virtual games. Being driven by new challenges, gamers are always looking for different ways to win. From being able to fight against superior characters more effectively, to solving puzzles of ever increasing difficulty. Mechanisms such as levelling up, unlocking new items and waiting for the perfect moment to react become extremely important to the experience of the game and can all add to the degree of immersion experienced by the player.

Game mechanics can be adapted to suit many cases on an individual basis, and can not only increase immersion, but can also be motivational, and encourage players to improve their skills and become a master in the game they are playing.

About Christopher Klose
Driven by innovation and curiosity, Christopher strives to simplify daily work and reduce stress for users through smart solutions. Based on insights from user research and data analysis, he creates user centered products and services that best suit the end user needs. His experience with human behavior and the physiology of the human body supports his endeavor to create valuable and enjoyable solutions for users. By understanding the users motivation through user research, it enables him to utilize game mechanics into diverse non game related fields. Christopher is based in Munich and works as a UX Designer and Customer Researcher for Gofore Germany. 

See the full CV at LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/klosechristopher/ 
or Xing: https://www.xing.com/profile/Christopher_Klose8/cv 

About Gofore
Gofore is a Nordic software development and design house of 400+ experts, specializing in manufacturing and Industry 4.0 sectors, among others.


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